Grease Trap

Installation of Grease Trap in Orange, CA

Grease TrapGrease trap is one of the most valuable kitchen fixtures found in many homes. If you have not heard about it or installed it in your home, it is recommended that you consult a professional today to install one in your kitchen. Installing a grease trap in Orange, CA can help in ensuring that the wastewater flowing in your drains and pipelines is flowing smoothly on its way to the treatment facilities.

Why Install a Grease Trap at Your Home in Orange, CA

If you are thinking that a grease trap in Orange, CA is nothing but an useless device, you are so wrong. There is one primary benefit that you can get from installing Orange, CA grease trap and our company can help you take advantage of it. Grease trap in Orange, CA installation provided by our company will help in keeping greases and solids that you dispose from getting into your waste disposal system. Grease accumulation in your septic tank can overwhelm it. This can cause serious problems like releasing untreated wastewater into the environment. However, this can be avoided if you let our company install a Orange, CA grease trap in your kitchen.

Grease Trap

Kinds of Grease Traps in Orange, CA:

  • Passive Grease Trap - It’s the most common kind of grease trap in Orange, CA. Small and typically used in home kitchen sinks with up to 3 compartments.
  • Large In-ground Tank - Extremely large and usually built out of concrete. Commonly used in commercial kitchens like restaurants and found in hospitals too. This type of Orange, CA grease trap is commonly known as an interceptor. It requires a retention time of up to 30 minutes to let the grease and oil settle inside the tank.
  • Grease Recovery Device (GRD) - It has the capability to remove grease and oil automatically once trapped. Also, it’s common in restaurants and other food and cooking establishments. It recycles the vegetable oil and grease from kitchen’s deep fryers.
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